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Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab Jumeirah – The 7-Star Hotel

The "Burj Al Arab" is an impressive and luxurious hotel in Dubai. It is an architectural marvel and one of Dubai's most famous landmarks. With its unique design and location on an artificial island off the coast of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is a unique destination for luxury travelers from around the world.

The hotel offers its guests exceptional service and an unparalleled experience. The staff is highly professional and dedicated to fulfilling every wish of the guests. The rooms and suites at the Burj Al Arab are spacious, elegant, and equipped with everything you would expect from a luxurious 7-star hotel. From the windows of the rooms, guests can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea and the Dubai skyline.

The Burj Al Arab features some of Dubai's best restaurants, including the world-famous "Al Muntaha". Here, guests can enjoy delicious dishes prepared by some of the world's best chefs. The hotel also offers various activities and entertainment options, such as water sports, tennis, a private beach, a spa, and much more. As a guest at the Burj Al Arab, you also have access to "The Terrace", an impressive 10,000 square meter outdoor recreation area located directly on the Arabian Sea. Here you can spend a relaxing day by the pool, relax in one of the cabanas, or dine in the restaurant.

How do I get to the Burj al Arab?

The Burj Al Arab is located on an artificial island off the coast of Dubai between old Dubai and the world-famous Palm Island. The easiest way to get to the hotel resort is by taxi or rental car. In addition, you can also use one of the many bus lines to the Burj Al Arab. The best stop to get off at is "Burj Al Arab Hotel 1" and walk the last few meters to the complex. Alternatively, you can get off at the "Wild Wadi 1" stop right at the Wild Wadi Water Park, which is right next to the hotel complex.

Please note that only guests of the hotel and participants of tours or booked services within the resort have access to the Burj Al Arab grounds.

Taxi Uber, Careem, DTC Burj Al Arab
Bus 8, 81, 88, N55, X28
Burj Al Arab Hotel 1
Bus 8, 81, 88, N55, X28 Wild Wadi 1


How do I gain entry to Burj al Arab?

Hotel Stay

To access the Burj Al Arab Resort, there are various options available. The simplest, but also most expensive way, is to book at least one overnight stay in the 7-star hotel. A night in one of the suites at the Burj Al Arab starts at around 1000 euros. For this price, you get the simplest room category - a 170 sqm suite for up to 4 people including breakfast and free entry to the Wild Wadi Water Park.

Guided Tours

Another option and a much cheaper alternative to staying a night at the Burj Al Arab is to book a guided tour of the entire hotel complex. On the 90-minute tour, you get access to the facility, are shown the individual suites, and learn many details about the hotel. Additionally, you can take many extraordinary photos and videos at various spots. You can book the tour alone or with a food & beverage package. If you choose the "F&B package", a reserved table will be available for you in the lounge after the tour, where you can enjoy your booked package.

Book Tour of Burj Al Arab BOOK TOUR + F&B PACKAGE


What are the waiting times at Burj al Arab?

There are essentially no waiting times at Burj al Arab. The only delay might occur at the entrance, where there is a check to confirm if one is authorized to enter or visit the hotel premises. This is permitted only if you have booked a room at the hotel. Additionally, visitors of guided tours or those with a valid reservation are granted access.