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Public Transportation of Dubai

Dubai offers a plethora of public transport options to ensure its citizens and tourists are ferried safely and comfortably from one place to another. From state-of-the-art metros to contemporary buses, taxis, and water taxis, there are ample choices to traverse the city. Over the recent years, Dubai's government has made massive investments in modernising and expanding its public transit system to cater to the growing city's needs.

What public transportation does Dubai offer?

Here are the public transport choices available in Dubai:

  • Metro (Red and Green Line)
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Tram
  • Water taxi

Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is among the world's most advanced and efficient public transit systems. Comprising two lines (red and green), it has a total of 75 stations. Easy to use, cost-effective, and connecting major spots in Dubai, including shopping malls, hotels, business districts, and tourist attractions. Furthermore, the Dubai Metro is eco-friendly as it helps reduce road traffic.

Buses in Dubai

Dubai boasts an extensive bus network operated by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). The buses connect different neighbourhoods, providing affordable and reliable transit options. Special bus routes cater to tourists, covering major city attractions. Equipped with air conditioning, these buses assure passengers a comfortable journey.

Dubai Water taxi

The water taxi in Dubai serves as an additional mode of transport for crossing the Dubai Creek. It's a budget-friendly and convenient alternative to other modes like cars or buses. Modern vessels ensure a smooth ride, granting passengers a mesmerising city view. Operating round the clock, the water taxi connects various Dubai parts, including Deira and Bur Dubai. It's a unique experience worth trying when you visit Dubai.

Dubai Tram

The tram in Dubai is part of the public transit system, running along an 11-kilometre coastal route of the Persian Gulf. It links significant spots like Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residences district, and the city centre.

The tram offers travellers a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective way to explore the city. It features modern, air-conditioned carriages with comfortable seating and large windows for a panoramic view of the surroundings.

What kind of tickets are available in Dubai?

The Nol Card is an electronic ticket for Dubai's public transit system. It can be used to make payments for bus, metro, and tram rides. With the Nol Card, travellers can access public transportation seamlessly without fussing over cash or managing paper tickets.

You can purchase the Nol Card at sales points across Dubai, and it can be recharged using a credit or debit card. The card is usable at every metro station, bus station, or tram station. Various NOL cards are available, including a single trip, a day pass, and a monthly card, tailored to the traveller's needs. The NOL Card provides a convenient and cost-effective way to access Dubai's public transport.

Dubai's Tariff Zones?

Dubai is divided into seven tariff zones for public transport. They are:

  • Zone 1: Main city zone that covers Dubai's city centre and some neighbouring areas like Bur Dubai, Deira, and Dubai Marina.
  • Zone 2: Covers areas outside the main city zone, such as Al Quoz, Jebel Ali, and the Dubai World Trade Centre.
  • Zone 3: Outer suburbs of Dubai like Al Warqa, Al Rashidiya, and Dubai Festival City.
  • Zone 4: Includes areas like Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Academic City, and International City.
  • Zone 5: Contains areas like Al Barsha, Dubai Sports City, and the Dubai Motor City.
  • Zone 6: Covers areas like Dubai Investment Park, Dubai Industrial City, and Dubai Studio City.
  • Zone 7: Includes areas like Jebel Ali Industrial Area and Dubai International City.

Public transport fares in Dubai vary based on the tariff zone and mode of transportation. Most public transit options like metro, buses, and water buses have integrated fare systems based on the NOL card. Journey costs also depend on the distance and duration of use.