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NOL Card Dubai

The Nol Card is a contactless smart card used for public transportation in Dubai. "Nol" translates to "fare" in Arabic. The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) issues this card, and it is valid across all public transport modes in Dubai, including buses, metro, trams, and water taxis.

The Nol Card operates like a prepaid card where you can recharge money to pay for your rides. You can purchase this card at any of the numerous Nol kiosks located at the stations or stops in Dubai or register and order one online, for instance, on the RTA's website. To use the Nol Card, you need to scan it at the readers while boarding and alighting public transport. The system then automatically calculates the fare and deducts the balance from your card.

What types of NOL Cards are available?

dubai nol red dubai nol blue dubai nol silver dubai nol gold

  • Nol Red Ticket: A single-journey ticket used for just one trip.
  • Nol Blue Card: A rechargeable card for regular commuters, offering discounted rates.
  • Nol Silver Card: A rechargeable card for occasional riders, also offering discounted rates.
  • Nol Gold Card: A rechargeable card for passengers seeking a more luxurious ride (1st class).

Where can I buy a NOL Card?

You can purchase Nol Cards at all metro station stops. Sales counters and ticket vending machines are available for your convenience. Ticket machines are also located at most tram and bus stops. Additionally, NOL Cards can also be purchased online.


How much does a NOL Card cost?

The basic price of a NOL Card (except Red Ticket) is a one-time fee of 25 AED, inclusive of 19 AED as balance for the rides. Once you possess a NOL Card (other than red), you can keep recharging it with credit. This credit remains valid for 5 years.

How do I use the NOL Card correctly?

  1. Before boarding the metro, ensure your Nol Card has sufficient balance.
  2. Approach the card reader at the entrance gate of the metro station with your card.
  3. The gate will automatically open upon card detection and sufficient balance verification.
  4. Repeat the process at the exit gate when leaving the metro station to conclude your journey and deduct the appropriate fare from your card.

It's crucial to check out both when entering and exiting the metro station, or you might get charged the maximum fare from the card.

What are the individual fare prices/tariff zones?

The fare for a metro, bus, etc., journey depends on the distance or the number of different tariff zones your trip covers. The more tariff zones you use or cross, the pricier your journey becomes. In general, public transport in Dubai is quite affordable for a big city. A single journey starts at 3 AED, which is less than one euro.

Here's a fare overview per journey in AED for Dubai:

NOL Card Type1 Fare Zone2 Fare ZonesMore than 2 Fare Zones
Nol Red Ticket 4 6 8.50
Nol Red Ticket (Gold Class) 8 12 17
Nol Blue Card 3 5 7.50
Nol Silver Card 3 5 7.50
Nol Gold Card 6 10 15

Dubai Fare Zone Overview

Dubai RTA Zones

Are there Time-based Passes (like daily, weekly, or monthly) for the Nol Card?

Not exactly. Daily tickets for Dubai's public transport using the NOL Card aren't available. However, you can opt for weekly, monthly, and annual passes.

Below is an overview of the ticket prices in AED:

Nol Silver Card

NOL Card Type1 Fare Zone2 Fare ZonesMore than 2 Fare Zones
Nol Silver Card - Weekly Pass (7 Days) 50 80 110
Nol Silver Card - Monthly Pass (30 Days) 140 230 350
Nol Silver Card - Quarterly Pass (90 Days) 330 550 830
Nol Silver Card - Annual Pass (365 Days) 1060 1770 2670

Nol Gold Card

NOL Card Type1 Fare Zone2 Fare ZonesMore than 2 Fare Zones
Nol Gold Card - Weekly Pass (7 Days) 100 160 220
Nol Gold Card - Monthly Pass (30 Days) 280 460 700
Nol Gold Card - Quarterly Pass (90 Days) 660 1100 1660
Nol Gold Card - Annual Pass (365 Days) 2120 3540 5340

When does it make sense to buy a time-based pass?

Dubai offers a proficient and expansive public transport system, encompassing various modes like the Metro, buses, and trams. If you're commuting regularly in Dubai, be it for daily work, school, or leisure activities, it's essential to know when it becomes economical to opt for time-based tickets like weekly or monthly passes.

The cost-effectiveness of such passes in Dubai depends on several factors, notably your individual usage patterns and fare structures. Here's a basic thumb rule to determine when it's worthwhile to invest in these time-based tickets in Dubai:

If you're making around three trips per day across the booked fare zones, it's prudent to get a weekly or monthly pass, etc., in Dubai. These passes allow you unlimited access to public transport for a week, month, etc., which includes Metro, buses, and trams. If your weekly commutes surpass this count, you'd be saving compared to buying single-journey tickets, plus you get the added convenience.

Remember, this estimate of three trips a day is a general guideline and might vary based on your personal usage. Reflect on which pass aligns best with your commuting needs in Dubai. Besides financial savings, these passes offer the comfort of not having to buy a ticket for every trip.

In Dubai, the public transport system is well-structured, providing an affordable means to navigate around the city. Leverage these time-based passes to save money and fully enjoy the conveniences of Dubai's public transport.