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Dubai - The 17 Best Attractions, Highlights & Tours

17 Reasons Why It's Worth Travelling to Dubai and Experiencing This Emirate!

Dubai, alongside Abu Dhabi, is arguably the most famous of the 7 Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). About 2 million people from over 90 different countries live in Dubai, forming a multicultural hub in the UAE. When talking about Dubai, some refer to the city of Dubai, others to the Emirate or the country of Dubai - all these statements are correct. Dubai is a city, a country, and an emirate.

Dubai, More Than Just a Luxury City in the Desert

Visiting Dubai, one quickly realizes that it's not just about luxury in the desert. Sure, one can indulge in luxury in Dubai to the fullest. But beyond all the luxury, there's much more to discover and experience. You will also quickly find that Dubai is not necessarily a very expensive travel destination. Dubai offers something for every budget. Alongside affordable accommodations, Dubai also offers many attractions and highlights at reasonable prices - some even for free.

1. Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is probably the most famous building on the Arabian Peninsula and currently the tallest building in the world. It stands at a staggering 829.80 meters. You can visit and experience this building in various ways. In our opinion, everyone should have visited the Burj Khalifa at least once and stepped onto one of its observation decks.


Burj Khalifa Tours

The Burj Khalifa is one of the most visited attractions in Dubai, hence a spontaneous visit to one of the observation decks usually means long waiting times, especially during peak seasons or on special days like the National Day or New Year's Eve. You can, of course, visit the Burj Khalifa at any time during your Dubai trip and buy a ticket for the various platforms. However, from the time you arrive at Burj Khalifa until you get to one of the platforms, be prepared for several hours of waiting. Therefore, we recommend you buy a ticket in advance so that you can go to the observation decks at your booked time without a long wait and enjoy the breathtaking view over Dubai.

At the Top - Burj Khalifa Ticket 124th & 125th Floor

The most popular and affordable ticket is the Burj Khalifa "At the Top" ticket, which gives you access to the 124th and 125th floors of the Burj Khalifa. On the 124th floor, you'll find an observation deck with an open terrace, and on the 125th floor, another observation deck, but without an additional outdoor area. The times to witness the sunset over Dubai live from the decks are very popular among visitors. A small shop caters for souvenirs and refreshments.

Top Tickets for "At the Top" - 124th & 125th Floor

Burj Khalifa - Ticket124th + 125th Floor

At the Sky - Burj Khalifa Ticket 148th Floor (incl. 124th / 125th Floor)

If you want to go even higher, you can do so with the Burj Khalifa "At the Sky" ticket at a fabulous height of 555 meters. The ticket price includes not only the 124th and 125th floors but also the 148th floor, along with VIP service. Before your tour, you will be invited to a separate waiting area, where you will be served small refreshments and snacks (e.g., dates and coffee). From there, your tour to the 148th floor at 555 meters height begins. This floor has an outdoor terrace and the Sky Lounge. Here, you can enjoy the breathtaking view over Dubai in peace, away from mass tourism. Refreshments and snacks are provided at any time, already included in the ticket price.

After you have enjoyed everything, you also have the opportunity to visit the lower floors 124 and 125 (At the Top).

The Lounge - Burj Khalifa Ticket 152nd, 153rd, and 154th Floor

As a tourist, you can't get higher than this. The Burj Khalifa "The Lounge" ticket gives you access to floors 152 - 154 of the Burj Khalifa, including VIP service. After being invited to a separate waiting area, you will be catered to with small dishes and drinks. Several elevators take you to the 154th floor of the Burj Khalifa with its "The Lounge" - the highest lounge on earth at 585 meters. The Lounge offers you VIP service and an outdoor terrace across 3 interconnected floors. Throughout these 3 floors, which are freely accessible to you, you'll find seating areas to relax and enjoy the extraordinary view over Dubai. Small refreshments and snacks are provided at any time by the VIP service.


2. Dubai Fountain

Right next to the Burj Khalifa, you can experience another Dubai attraction – the "Dubai Fountain," a "firework" of water technology. The water fountains are located on the artificially created Lake Burj Dubai. Every day from 6 PM, you can watch the beautiful spectacle of water fountains. The spectacle of music and water plays starts anew every half hour. To keep things interesting, the water show is continually changed with different music playing over the lake. The whole experience is free for you, just make sure to arrive in time.


3. Dubai Miracle Garden

A bit outside the main attractions, every flower and plant enthusiast will find their highlight. The Dubai Miracle Garden is a garden full of extraordinary flowers, covered figures, buildings, and even an entire jumbo jet. Every year in the "winter months," the park opens its gates with millions of flowers, featuring new figures, houses, and themed worlds each year. It's impressive how carefully the gardeners lay out the park anew every year, delighting flower enthusiasts. Even visitors who are not particularly interested in flowers will be impressed.


4. Museum of the Future

Museum of the FutureMuseum of the Future - Earth

"Experience Dubai's newest museum, the Museum of the Future. 'The Museum of the Future invites people of all ages to see, touch, and shape our shared future. Embark on a journey through possible futures and bring back hope and knowledge to the present.' is the motto of this interactive museum."


5. Dubai Desert Safari

dubai wueste 11dubai wueste 9

Experience an extraordinary day in the Dubai desert. Depending on the tour, it includes quad riding, BBQ buffet, dance, camel ride, or sandboarding.

Overview of Desert Tours

6. Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

dubai ain dubai kabdubai ain dubai 1280 1

On October 21, 2021, another attraction in Dubai was made accessible to the public. Since then, a ride on the world's tallest Ferris wheel can be booked and enjoyed. The Ferris wheel is 250 meters high and offers every visitor a breathtaking view of Dubai's Marina, Bluewater, and the Palm Island of Dubai.


7. Dubai Frame

dubai dubai frame 1dubai dubai frame 3

The extraordinary 150-meter-high building offers visitors not only a fantastic view of old and new Dubai but also numerous insights into Dubai's history and future. At the bridge at the top of the building, you have a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area of Dubai.


8. Dubai's Beaches

9. JBR - Dubai Marina

10. Dubai Creek

11. Water Parks in Dubai

Aquaventure DubaiAquaventure Dubai

For those who enjoy combining water and adrenaline in a positive way, Dubai offers a wide array of recreational activities. Several water parks compete for visitors, resulting in extraordinary water slides, attractions, and offerings in Dubai.

Overview of Dubai's Leisure and Water Parks

12. Dubai Old Town

13. Amusement Parks in Dubai

IMG DubaiDubai offers its visitors a very large selection of various amusement parks. Ranging from simple parks with a few attractions to huge complexes with several roller coasters, including the largest indoor amusement park and the world's largest water amusement park.

Overview of Dubai's Leisure and Water Parks

14. Sky Views at Address Hotel

dubai sky views adress 2dubai sky views adress 2

Experience Dubai like never before! Sky Views Dubai, Dubai's newest architectural wonder and largest adrenaline attraction, is located at 219.5 meters above ground on the roof of the Address Sky View Hotel. Besides the 360-degree view of Dubai, you can walk on a 46-meter-long glass floor between the towers, observing the happenings below you – if you dare. For an additional adrenaline rush, you can use the glass slide from the 53rd to the 52nd floor.


15. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

dubai dubai aquarium 1dubai dubai aquarium 4

Experience the unique underwater world at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. You will encounter hundreds of sharks and over 33,000 fish in the midst of the Dubai Mall. A special highlight is the glass tunnel through and under the aquariums. Another highlight is "King Croc," the 750-kilogram crocodile from Australia.


16. Global Village

dubai dubai aquarium 1dubai dubai aquarium 4

The Global Village is a well-known leisure destination in Dubai, open each year for a limited time, offering a variety of cultural and entertainment options. It's an international festival where people from all over the world come together to experience a diverse range of attractions, shows, shopping, and culinary delights.


17. Shopping in Dubai